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ALSEDI Group is the independent software vendor. Since 2000 company's award-winning products used to protect business' critical information and personal privacy. Since 2008 we had extending our business to desktop enhancement and mobile software. Our latest products are available for iPhone and iPad.

The main idea is: create software that will be easy to use, fast, powerful and attractive.

We're not satisfied. Our customers continually tell us about the things they need to help protect their privacy and computer information - new functionality, increasing performance and invisibility, more analycal tools, new management and monitoring features. We take very seriously to each request, and solve problems as soon as possible.

Mission and Vision


Deliver to organizations and individual users usefull tools and applications, at the lowest cost possible. To provide world-class service (24/7/365) to the vendors that trust us.


Not matter where you are and who you are - any part of your personal and work information is very important. Price of mistake and lost of information can be loss of profitable contract or personal data. Even personal information critical.

Affilates and Resellers

We are open for business with resellers and affilates. If you want sell our products contact us:


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