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DHCP Watcher - Personal Network Monitor.


DHCP Watcher is a protection and analyzing tool for users of corporate and home networks where DHCP server is used to provide network configuration parameters. Most networks do use DHCP.

DHCP Watcher is a unique tool for controlling network properties created for users (system administrators can use it too, but user interface has been developed particularly for users). The last 4 versions have been used inside ALSEDI Group only. DHCP Watcher 5 has been developed for usage outside of ALSEDI Group.

When DHCP Watcher starts, it scans network properties. When network properties changed you will be informed, and thus you can prevent loss of information and accusation of its theft.


  • Monitoring of Network Properties - Every time you start DHCP Watcher you will see your current network properties.
  • Watching changes of IP and DHCP server address - DHCP Watcher always watches network properties for your computer, and in case they change you will see a warning window.
  • Fast reaction to changes of IP and DHCP server address - All changes in network properties are checked by DHCP Watcher in real time.

DHCP Watcher Screenshots

DHCP Watcher main window.
DHCP Watcher main window.

DHCP properties.
DHCP properties

DHCP Network Summary.
DHCP Network Summary


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