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Garbage Finder FAQ

What is Garbage Finder?

Garbage Finder is a disk utility designed to help you keep your disk clean by deleting any unnecessary and broken files.

How do I control Garbage Finder?

All operations to control Garbage Finder (like configure, register, close, etc) are available in context menu of system tray icon:
Garbage Finder - Tray

How do I configure Garbage Finder?

You can double click on Garbage icon at system tray or you can right click on that icon and select Show Control Panel.

There are two groups of settings you can set. First group is base settings accessible from main windows. These options are represents whole parts of cleaning logic (temporary files, windows internal, third-pary application garbage) and you can turn on or off them.

Second group is Advanced options available from menu Tools - Advanced Options. There you can change Garbage Finder behavior, also you can change exception list and set folders that you want clean.

How do I scan for junk files?

Press Start Cleaning button on main window

How do I clean junk files?

You need scan for them first and when press Clean All button on review window

How do I edit files that will be deleted?

Use quick search feature in Review window to highligh required files. Use keyboard (Ctrl, Alt, Arrows) and mouse to select lines. Press delete to remove selected lines. Files from list will be cleaned only.

How do I create a system restore point?

This will be done automatically if you are running Garbage Finder under administrator account. You can create it manually in Start - Accessories - System tools - System Restore

How do I schedule automated scanning and cleaning?

Open Advanced Options and turn on two options. First Automatically scan for garbage to perform automated scanning at start. Second Automatically clean to perform cleaning. You can set a day when cleaning will be done. Following values are available: everyday, weekend, workday and all week days.

How do I define critical age for junk files of third-party software?

Open Advanced Options and switch to Search Options tab and turn on option Delete files older than and select a required period (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months).

How do I register the program?

Step 1.

Copy license key from received email

Step 2.

Open Help menu and select "Registration key..." option

Step 3.

Paste copied license key into field and press OK

Registration window

To get you personal registration key visit this link.

GOTD users got their licenses from GOTD site (only during promotion day)

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