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Quick Start

Prepare filters list:
  • Define windows that need to be hidden and enter their names (for example enter "Fire" to filters to hide "Firefox" and "Fireworks" applications, or enter "Inbox - for yourname@host" to hide your mail when you are in Inbox").
  • Use Ctrl+Alt+A global hotkey to add to filters exact name of active window.
  • Edit filters by double click on its name in list.
Global Hotkeys:
  • You can redefine global hotkeys for all operations, just click on needed field and press keys combination. After it press "Apply Changes" button.
Move mouse to:
  • Bottom-right screen corner to hide windows
  • Top-right screen corner to show windows
You can redefine corners in "Options"

Hide and show with middle button:
  • Open "Options" and page "Hide with mouse"
  • Select operations that you want to do with middle button: hide all, hide only active window (recommended) and show all

Hide games:
  • Start Game
  • Swith to Hide My Windows (if game in full screen mode
  • Click dropdown button on Filters header field.
  • From drop down list of windows select your game window.
  • Press "Add" button.
  • Don't forget that game window can have no caption or caption can be changes during game, so use optimal filter line. For example, for "Counter-Strike", "Conter-Strike: Source" use something like "Counter-Strike", or "ounter".
Must to know:
  • When you close Hide My Windows all hidden windows will appear
Privacy Protection:
  • Set password phrase to prevent unauthorized access to your hidden windows and settings. Set it in View Options.
  • Set "Autostart" and "Hide on start" options in View Options to protect your privacy and make Hide My Windows invisible for anyone
  • Change GUI of password window - change caption, label and select any executable to use its icon in password window (we recomend to select you Work application, e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Eclipse, etc). Hide My Windows exctract icon automatically from application you selected.
  • Set "Hide on screensaver running" option to hide windows by filter list when you left your work place

Hide My Windows trial allowed to use it during 14 days, after it you need by license or uninstall software. License cost is $14.95, and you can buy it here: ALSEDI Authorized Plimus E-commerce Provider


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