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Press Release: PerfectClock version 2.0

October, 2007
For Immediate Release

ALSEDI Releases PerfectClock 2007 version 2.0

PerfectClock is a skinnable, flexible, fast and highly customizable atomic clock with worldwide synchronization.

Version 2.0 offers a unique feature: Professionally Designed clocks are displayed directly on Windows Desktop. High efficient engine extension renders Wallpaper Clocks using Windows Wallpaper or using unique "Overlay Form" mode. This mode uses a less CPU time and does not force Desktop to blink on each Wallpaper update.

Enhanced rendering engine allows clock to be visible even if screen saver is running. Unique feature of PerfectClock's engine is rendering skins with high quality anti-aliasing includes clocks' borders.

The main feature distinguishes PerfectClock from other similar software is a highest quality scriptable skin engine which makes possible to imitate almost every watch exists in real life. It can display dates, days of week, months, daylight and more using hands, digits or any other way. PerfectClock can use PNG (Portable Network Graphic format) which supports semi-transparency. This makes edges of clock to look perfect over any desktop wallpaper or application in background.

Skin Engine has been extended and Improved in PerfectClock version 2.0. New features like If-Then-Else statement, Image name evaluations, memory management optimization operations added. CPU and memory usage decreased.

PerfectClock skins can have additional Options to tweak clock look, e.g. Show Second Hand, Show Date or any other skin designed add. Skins can be schemed to provide additional look tweaking options. Skin engine provides high quality scaling and moving up to one pixel precision.

PerfectClock can be run on Windows Start, synchronizes computer time using internet time servers (SNTP). Enhanced Stay on Top mechanism allows clock to be visible even if Screen Saver is running. Additional Grouping and Locking options allow managing an unlimited number of clocks together.

Prices of a single copy are 16.95 USD - Standard Edition, 23.95 USD - Professional Edition. Wallpaper Clock feature is only available in Professional Edition.

ALSEDI is a software development company that specializes in security, privacy protection, surveillance and parental advisory products. The complete line of products includes such titles as PGuard, SpyClock, WebControl for Parents, Desktop Adviser and are available for free trial at

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System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 2000, XP or Vista All Versions
RAM: 128M
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