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Small SNTP Agent

Network Utility

This is a Freeware SNTP (Atomic Time Clock Synchronization) utility. Add SmallSNTPAgent.exe to your StartUp folder and your computer clock will be adjusted every Windows startup.

Small SNTP Agent uses SNTP servers listed in servers.txt file. You can add or remove servers - just edit servers.txt file. If one server fails next one used. Program closes on successful synchronization.

Synchronization results are logged into SmallSNTPAgent.log file.

This software can be freely distributed, but without any changes in the following files: EULA.txt, readme.txt, servers.txt and SmallSNTPAgent.exe.

Command Line Parameters:

  • /silent - no progress window shown.
  • /random - use servers from servers.txt in random order
  • /nolog - do not log synchronization results into SmallSNTPAgent.log file
  • /delay:X - Wait for X seconds before synchronization starts

Your comments / suggestions / bug or feature requests are welcome:

Download: Small SNTP Agent


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