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Web Control for Parents


Web Control for Parents is a powerful and easy-to-use Parental Advisory tool for Selective Internet Access Blocking, which allows to see places on the Internet that the child has visited and block any undesirable web sites.

Web Control for Parents will satisfy all your requirements and wishes about Internet parental control. You can easily configure the program to block pornography, web sites with scenes of violence, filter web sites that popularize drugs, those containing gambling games, web sites of questionable religious sects and other forbidden content.

Other possible areas of application for this tool are school and university computer labs and Internet cafes, where it can be used for analyzing computer activity of students/visitors and preventing abuse of software licenses and installation of undesired software.

Pornography is now available to anyone with an Internet connection. Dangerous stalkers have created new ways to entice and lure children on the Internet. What can a parent do? Concerned parents want to protect their children online by installing blocking software like WUPC.


  • Blocks web sitesí addressess.
  • Blocks web sitesí IP This is a unique feature, other Internet parental control software doesnít have it
  • Automatical IP detecting. To add IP to Restricted list you only need to use GUI (graphical user interface) and you donít need to know anything about Internet structure!
  • Parental Control Lists- protection of WUPC from unauthorized access
  • Password protection.
  • Stealth mode - allows to hide WUPC and lets it work in invisible mode, and only the owner can access hidden WUPC

Web Control for Parents Screenshots

Web Control main window.
Web Control main window.

Web Control properties.
Web Control properties.


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