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Press Release: Windows Hunter 2008 Pro

October, 2007
For Immediate Release

ALSEDI Releases Windows Hunter 2008 Professional

Windows Hunter is application and task management software. Main feature is ability to manage all windows of started applications - visible, hidden or system.

Windows Hunter allows finding windows by part of caption and showing it, highlight on screen or move to main screen center. This is solution for applications with multi screen layouts on one monitor systems. If window shown outside of desktop, you can move it to main screen with one click.

Unique feature of Windows Hunter is a windows quick search. Enter a part of caption and switch to desired window faster than through Windows task bar. It will be useful for anyone who works with huge application environment, for developers and system administrator. Also you can find it awesome for making presentation - switch between applications without showing a task bar. For example you have some opened documents for presentation and your personal windows, like messenger, mail or chat - enter name of document and press enter. No one will see your private application.

Another feature of Windows Hunter is function to hide any window – select window and press “Alt+Enter” hotkey or press button “Hide” to hide any window from screen. When you will need it again find it and press “Enter” window will appear.

Windows Hunter allows to user use two work ways – trough main form and through quick search window. Press global shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+Q" to start search. Quick search will be hiding automatically after search.

Prices of a single copy is 16.95 USD - Professional Edition

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System Requirements: Operating system: Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista All Versions
RAM: 64 MB
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