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Press Release: DHCP Watcher

February, 2007
For Immediate Release

ALSEDI Releases DHCP Watcher 5.0

The latest achievement in PC monitoring software.

DHCP Watcher is a new type of PC monitoring software. While there are plenty of solutions that monitor PC use, unfortunately all of these solutions don not shows information about dynamic network properties. The idea behind this program is brilliantly simple - this program collects the information on all changes of parameters and informs the user.

Why it's needed? Computer networks based on DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) has a hidden vulnerability that can be used by intruder (hacker or industrial spy, for example). If someone install a DHCP server inside a network segment then he can get access to all internet and local traffic of other users - passwords, documents, emails. This happened because when a computer registers in a network it wait for DHCP server answer. Network attributes from first answered DHCP will be used for connection. It is means that all traffic will goes via a intruder's computer.

The program is perfect for both corporate environment and home use, where PC activity monitoring is a very sensitive moral or legal issue.

The program is loaded upon computer startup, but can be paused/disabled by an authorized person. DHCP Watcher is very easy to install, setup and operate. DHCP Watcher is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation. The price of a single copy is 15.00 US Dollars.

ALSEDI is a software development company that specializes in security, privacy protection, surveillance and parental advisory products. The complete line of products includes such titles as PGuard, SpyClock, WebControl for Parents, Desktop Adfiver and are available for free trial at

If you have any questions, would like to request editor's copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal, please contact Alex Sergeev at

System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista Beta 1 & 2
RAM: 16M
Company Website:
Product Page:
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